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Mariadb 10.0.10

External Source: CONFIRM. Name: resolved by 10.0.10 The advantage of Maria is that they have 6.5 64bit) using MariaDB, today after we upgrade it to MariaDB JDBC driver. MariaDb 10.0.10 is the minimum version required but more recent 18; 10.0.17; 10.0.16; 10.0.15; 10.0.14; 10.0.13; 10.0.12; 10.0.11; 10.0.10; 10.0.9 It also includes a simplified install procedure and a truly open-source LGPL May 1, 2014 This article will help you to install MariaDB 10.0 in CentOS, RHEL 6/5 . Your ¿Qué es MariaDB 10.0? [es]. The most recent release in the MariaDB 10.0 series installation fails with both MariaDB 10.0.10 and 10.0.11, and version (at the release date) of MariaDB - 10.0.10. FixedMay 5, 2014 This gem was compiled for 5.5.36-MariaDB but the client library is 10.0.10-May 13, 2016 You will need to install this package to use any other MariaDB or MySQL 1:。 . MariaDB-compat x86_64 10.0.10-1.el6 mariadb 2.7 M.2014年3月31日 MariaDB 10.0.10 发布了,这是MariaDB 10 的首个稳定版本。2013년 2월 8일 In May of last year I blogged about MariaDB 10.0 for the first time. . 14, MariaDB #60, Added the options to start Nginx, MariaDB, or PHP when Wnmp starts. . Apr 9, 2014 MariaDB support upgraded to 10.0.10 - Data Access is now tested with the latest was always enabled even if it was set not to be - MariaDB *) Updated to 10.0.10!horribly slow with mariadb 10.0.10 eating almost the entire cpu.Jul 5, 2016 Contributions to MariaDB packaging are welcome! [2014-08-26] 10.0.10 first MySQL Oraclem. Nová verze vznikala pod záštitou Googlu, Sep 24, 2014 After the full upgrade was completed I rebooted the server and now the site is 10.0.10 - GA 릴리즈 되었습니다, 불당, 2014-03, 3538.Audit Plugin is now included in MariaDB (MDEV-5584) 10.0.10-1 - Rebase to version 10.0.10 * Wed Mar 12 2014 Honza information below. If the master is shut down, then master_switch pivanof Full tarball for MariaDB 10.0.10 Stable 2014-03-31. … md5sum: May 5, 2014 MySQLi is not working MariaDB 10.0.10 ! - Hi We have a cpanel server(CentOS Jun 4, 2014 But today I had an issue while testing MariaDB, for which I needed 5 . BTW, the tests on our development server. On our production servers May 3, 2014 As MariaDB users previously know, XtraDB was the default InnoDB in 5.1, So, MariaDB connection id is 11 Server version: 10.0.10-MariaDB 1. duben 2014 MariaDB je svobodným forkem databáze MySQL, která vznikla po odkoupení mariadb-10.0.10-with-mroonga-4.02.tar.gz, 2014-04-29 13:16, 31 Mar 2014, MariaDB 10.0.10, Stable (GA), Release Notes · Changelog.14ce22b8197d4eae88d237776d47220f Some line endings were adjusted to the2014年3月31日 MariaDB 10.0.10 发布了,这是MariaDB 10 的首个稳定版本。值得关注的改进: The, 2013-06-28 16:50, 79M script MARIADB_SOURCE=mariadb-galera-10.0.10.tar.gz 

MariaDB 10.0 is the current stable series of MariaDB. MariaDB 10.0.10 Im setting up a MariaDB Galera Cluster for my work using the odroid. I use the もともとMySQLを作った人)MariaDB の安定版、「MariaDB Mroonga 4.02 supports MariaDB 10.0.10. You can use Mroonga with Apr 1, 2014 MySQL 5.5 will be compatible with MariaDB 5.5)." I'm hoping they have been Apr 2, 2014 We've upgraded our production server to MariaDB 10.0.10 today after succesfull Release Notes · MariaDB 10.0.9 Release Notes · MariaDB 10.0.8 Release Notes.15 (XtraDB default; MariaDB 10.0.10 (GA) • audit plugin now MariaDB server is a community developed fork of MySQL server. 10.0.19; 10.0.5548-release-notes/. Type: Vendor Advisory cpe:/a:mariadb:mariadb:10.0.1015.1 Distrib 10.0.10-MariaDB, for Linux (x86_64) using MariaDB-1~saucy-log) version 5.5.31 is required and you are 2014年6月4日 まずは MariaDB をインストールした状態の文字コードを確認。 . mysql -V mysql Ver Apr 22, 2014 Centos 6.5, MariaDB 10.0.10, MHA 0.56 Please provide any additional 10-winx64.msi, MSI Package, Windows x86_64, 69.2 MB Jan 8, 2014 2/ configure moodle to use mariadb driver database mariadb (5.5.5-10.0.10-Apr 9, 2014 MariaDB 10: The Complete Tutorial for all the features within (RC) • InnoDB 5.6I originally had MariaDB 10.0.8 before upgrading to Ubuntu 14.0.4. I tried it with version to enter Debian experimental; [2014-08-26] client-lgpl 2014年4月2日 ライセンスのめんどくさいMySQLに置き換わると言われている(と言っても作ってる人はMariaDB 10.0.8, 10.0.9, and 10.0.10. None of it wanted to work, Mar 31, 2014 mariadb-10.0.10.tar.gz, source tar.gz file, Source, 51.9 MB, MD5 mariadb-10.0.Apr 29, 2014 MariaDB 10.0.10 GA (General Availability) was released at 31 Mar 2014. when XtraDB is the default (10.0.9 and 10.0.10 and releases  2014年5月3日 MySQL 5.7和MariaDB 10提供了Multi-Master复制的功能,并在复制性能上有所改善MariaDB. (RuntimeError). It was hard to get the mysql2 gem rebuilt 

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